Barn Siding

If you are looking for barn siding for sale, consider these barn siding ideas.

There are two main purposes for the use of barn siding. First, it gives protection from weather. Siding is the outer most cover of your barn or house, just like claddings. These are designed in a way to drop water or snow in the season. Second, they enhance appearance and give a new look to the exterior of your house.  This adds to the aesthetics and increases the value of your property. When choosing barn siding, see that it provides these two purposes. It must help avoid wind and rain infiltration and it should look good on the complete structure.

There are different types of barn siding as well, use wooden boards, either horizontal or vertical as sidings. Some use boards and some singles. These singles are made from wood, asphalt, slate, or from paper soaked in bitumen and more. However, using singles has fallen from favor recently as they consume so much construction time and the technology isn’t very robust. The most common form of siding comes from wooden boards or panels, mostly made from eastern white pine. Those with some money to spare can opt for the weather resistant cedar or red wood boards.

One can use the vertical or horizontal sidings depending on the look wanted. It is a matter of personal taste, but the vertical sidings are most popular. When used horizontally, the barn siding can be ship lapped, but vertical siding is used with a cover over the joint for more strength. Plywood sidings can be used too, but these are mainly employed in interiors. Those who have no objection to plastic materials may go for uPVC weatherboarding or vinyl. One can also find plastic imitations of wood shingles and wood shakes in the market. The main advantage of these is that they are manufactured in taller units, so there are lesser joints. Manufactured sidings come with a great variety of colors, so they are very popular among people who love colorful barn sidings.

Vinyl material has better resistance to weather batter and wear but they are sensitive to heat and fire. It spreads the fire easily and it eliminates very toxic fumes. This is the main reason why many people don’t like this type of sidings. The modern solution to vinyl sidings is the insulated siding. These come with expanded polystyrene foam fused to the back of the siding. It fills the gap between the outer of the wall and the siding. Asphalt or faux bricks siding is another option for siding needs. It comes from asphalt bricks which gives a look of brick or stone.

Metal siding are also available and comes in a variety of metals, styles, and colors. These are most often used in industrial and retro buildings. These are corrugated and galvanized steel sheet siding or cladding. The down side to these is that they are not very weather friendly and gather rust very quickly. It’s not so good for private homes or barns.Though you can find numerous forms of barn siding, wooden sidings remains the most popular.

Almost all people fall in love with the look and feel of the wood grains and variety. To cater to so many homes without cutting trees, we must consider used sidings from barns. Old timber that recently came off of the building is always better and more solid than anything that has been stacked around for a while. This is the reason why reclaimed and antique lumber is highly desired by architects and designers for its history, quality and character. So, it is better to go for reclaimed barn wood siding.